Get Ashtabhuja Simhavahini Durga - Her Ferocity Contained

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Description: Devi Durga is unputdownably the personification of power. It is this invincibility and ferocity that She is worshipped for, especially in the East and in the South. She grants Her devotees the strength required to sustian oneself amidst the vicissitudes of life. This portrayal of the deity is benign, fit to be worshipped upon a altar on a daily basis.


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Get King Jahangir - The Fearless Falconer Miniature Paintings

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Description: King Jahangir was a skilled falconer of his time. In this expressive miniature reproduction, he is seen with his hawk, as could be gleaned from the falconry gauntlet (falcons like the lightweight kestrel are flown with bare hands). It is a great white- and slate-coloured beauty with a gold locket around its neck to convey its regal stature. He grips his master’s wrist with one claw, as if on the verge of settling after the day’s flight.


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Get Long Trouser and Kameez Suit with Zari Floral Printed Dupatta

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Description: A trend setter in this contemporary era, blue color has always been an attraction to the eyes, beholding the remarkable quality of slaying on all. Ankle length trousers and long kurtis are the current hotspot demand by the fashionistas; it suits one and all by their awe-struck elegance, comfort and beauty.


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Get Watercolor On Paper - The Royal Celebration Paintings

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Description: Framed in a traditional dark gold border of contrasting flower motifs, the painter intends to portray a loving connection of the royalties in lieu of their celebration of Diwali. It is one of the most popular Hindu festivals that marks the arrival of new beginnings, happiness, love, light and unity; carrying on with this thought, Navneet Parikh depicts the king settled on his royal throne in his vast royal kingdom and his dasi serving him.


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Get Amber-Yellow Brocaded Silk Sari from Chennai with Peacocks on Border

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Description: Silk fabric holds a thousand year old history to be cherished forever; it is acclaimed for its smooth, lustrous texture that makes it comfortable to wear in both winter climates and warmer seasons. The best known silk is obtained from the cocoons of the larvae of mulberry silkworm. This bright yellow and pink colored silk sari is a common trousseau in a bride’s wedding wardrobe.


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Get Men's Cashmere Shawl from Amritsar with Kani Woven

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Description: Kani shawl is one of the oldest handicrafts of Kashmir, since the time of mughals. These shawls are woven in Pashmina yarn. It is one of the costliest weavings that can be traced back to 3000 B.C; the intricacy of workmanship and the amount of labour required to create a single masterpiece is worth spending on.


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Get Folk Art Madhubani Paintings - Rasa Mandala

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Description: This painting is a perfect combination of Mandala and Madhubani art forms, depicting Lord Krishna and Radha in their handsome lila while the other gopis dance joyfully in a circle around them. Madhubani art is symbolic of depicting historic deities and backgrounds full of flowers and petals highlighting nature scenes in a vibrant and colorful palette. Mandala in Sanskrit means, Magic Circle and represents the soul of an art, it is a therapy for making order out of disorder.


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Get Oil Painting On Canvas Women Comforting her Pain

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Description: This middle-aged woman is clad in loose pleated pure white silk sari with the pallu that covers her head, picturing her as being a conformist of her traditions and that light green contrasting blouse that allows us to have an idea of her simplicity and sober taste. She carries this beautiful lighted lamp of a three-layered circular base that decreases in size as it ascends.


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Get Brass Sculptures Ganesha-Lakshmi-Sarasvati-Triad Of Prosperity

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Description: The Lakshmi-Ganesha-Sarasvati triad of the Hindu pantheon stands for prosperity and well-being. Devi Lakshmi is the presiding deity over wealth and resources, Lord Ganesha over all beginnings and endeavours, and Devi Sarasvati over learning and the fine arts. In many parts of the subcontinent these three deities are considered siblings and the children of Devi Durga.


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Get Madhubani Paintings - Under The Canopy Of The Bridal Tree

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Description: Two young maidens have stumbled upon each other in the midst of a beauteous garden. They were performing their daily chore of watering the plants, and it is under a particularly luscious tree that they find themselves caught in each other’s gaze. Its plentifully branching stem is a vibrant vermillion hue.


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Get Marble Sculpture - The Pristine Devi Kamadhenu

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Description: A mystical creature of bovine predominance, Devi Kamadhenu is unique to Indian culture. She is a maternal Devi, fair and beauteous as Her youthful torso emerges from the forequarters of a sturdy young cow. As eclectic as She is, She has the vibrant tail of a peacock instead of the usual bovine aperture. The marble sculpture that you see on this page captures each such aspect of Devi Kamadhenu.


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Get Silver Sterling Gemstone Triangle Pendant with Filigree

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Description: A woman’s personality is enhanced by her stylish jewels and the way she carries it. It is not just the design that matters but also its elegance, style and decency play a huge role in defining its beauty. Exotic India provides you here with such a kind of exclusive triangular pendant filled up with precious gemstone and a distinctive styled silver filigree forms a two layered spiral border around the gemstone.


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Get Caviar-Black Kanjivaram Sari from Tamil Nadu with Zari-Woven

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Description: kanjivaram sarees have dominated the world of South Indian saris since ages and are a popular attire among women across the globe because of its shiny, smooth and durable fabric. They originated from a town called Kanchipuram in Chennai, hence are also called Kanchipuram saris. These saris are woven from pure mulberry silk thread that comes from South India and the zari borders and designs come from Gujarat.


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Get White Marble Peacock Vase Decorated With Vines In Jewel Tones

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Description: A gorgeous marble vase that would catch the eye of all your visitors. A tall number; long neck widening into a middle that is the focal point of the composition in terms of design and profusion of colour The same in turn narrows down into a bottom as wide as the mouth. The mouth is rimmed with solid gold as is the band differentiating the panels upon the neck and the bottom of the vase.


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Get Watercolor Paintings - Mahavidya Devi Bhuvaneshvari

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Description: The name of Devi Bhuvaneshvari translates to one who is ishvara (especial, presiding entity) over all of bhuvana (paraloka). She is a Mahavidya, of which there are ten. The Dasmahavidyas are the ten aspects into which the single, omnipotent Devi Parvati is resolved; and of which Devi Bhuvaneshvari is one. The painting that you see on this page depicts Her as a fecund youth, replete with an aura of great beauty and calm.


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Get Brass Statues - Kumara Kartikeya-Murugan Swami

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Description: Lord Kartikeya, the son of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati is known by different names – Swaminatha, Murugan, Muruga, Kumara, Skanda, Shanmukha, etc. Lord Murugan is also popularly known as Subramaniam that is a common name in South India. He seems to have been a popular war god who was also the elder brother of Lord Ganesh. However, excluding the likes of Tamil Nadu and some other places in India, Skanda is not as popular as his brother in other parts of India. Nevertheless, he is a highly decorated and powerful God with many divine qualities.


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Get Wooden Sculptures - Bhagawan Ganesha Seated on Lotus

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Description: This chant is used at the beginning of a new venture, to clear the path of obstacles and to invoke Lord Ganesha, the deity of obstacles and good fortune; he is the lord of everyman and a symbolism of protection and power who safeguards us from life’s difficulties. This large Ganesha sculpture is carved in a unique and bright orange color symbolizing creativity, emotional balance, harmony and good health. The royal lustre and glow of this wooden sculpture highlighted by a blend of gold, red and orange shades captivates the eyes of the viewer.


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Get Copper Alloy Meenakari Hoop Earrings

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Description: A stylized accessory always enhances the personality of a woman. The one we are talking about here is an example of the same, made of a solid copper alloy and inspired by the traditional Meenakari design. Its contemporary pattern is amalgamated with traditional roots of Meenakari, forming the most distinctive element in these earrings.


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Get Sterling Silver Amethyst Large Pendant

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Description: For women, jewellery is something that defines her personality and aura and enables her move confidently with pride in any social circle. Exotic India Art provides such an alluring piece of pendant in a four pointed star shape with its sterling silver stone that shines in delicacy and utter smoothness.


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Get Large Ganesha Seated On Lotus Throne with Large Kirtimukha Floral Aureole

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Description: Lord Ganapati is the most worshipped deity all over in the entire Hindu pantheon, he is the lord or the master of ganas who is worshipped as the remover of obstacles. This large Ganesha statue carved with accurate forms and expressions in a bright color palette is a perfect piece to be placed at hotel entrances or temples enhancing their aesthetics as well as spirituality. He sits here on a pink lotus throne kept on a high raised floral pedestal colored in green with tinges of yellow and blue.


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Get Brocaded Uppada Sari from Bangalore with Zari Woven Peacocks on Border

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Description: Uppada sarees have always found patronage among the rich and famous, beginning with the ruling families of the region. These were usually made with a cotton warp using only non-mechanical techniques, but due to the upgraded technology and demands, they have also found their way in silk and cotton-silk textiles. It got its name from a small beach town of Uppada in Andhra Pradesh and is woven using the old Jamdani method in unique and creative designs.


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Get Silver Sterling Blue Chalcedony Bracelet with Amethyst

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Description: Exotic India prides itself on sourcing and bringing jewelry fitted for all occasions for its customers all over the world. A strong impetus is to introduce beauty at a convenient platform for its customers. This bracelet may look simple, but it exudes an understated class of elegance. At first glance, the baby blue diamond-shaped chalcedony pieces capture your attention, but upon closer glance, you realize that the beauty of this overall bracelet is enhanced and supported by the amethyst gems.


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Get Waistcoat with Single Check Weave and Front Pockets

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Description: Jute textile is one of the most demanded type of textile fiber made from the jute plant. This waistcoat is is an elegant attire to be worn over kurta pajamas, having a front pocket design. We avail you this popular natural fibre textile in four different colors of Blue, Orange, Red and Biscuit Brown. These are well stiched and comfortable textiles.


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Get Rama Durbar - Watercolor Painting on Paper

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Description: This water color art is a remarkable piece rendered using characteristic Kangra art in iconography, body complexion, style of costumes, type of crown and jewellery; focusing on the minute details and the side profile of every character. This miniature depicts Lord Rama’s durbar with the almighty Rama himself sharing space with his beloved Sita, on a lavishly decorated large chowki and supported by a large blue hued booster behind them.


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