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Description: Previously and are not under consideration for publication elsewhere. Articles that demonstrate a family medicine perspective on and approach to a common clinical condition are particularly desirable. Authorship: The first/corresponding author must be an experienced physician. Residents and medical students may be coauthors. Fill out an Author Profile form, and include it with your Photo Quiz submission. For military authors, please include your medical degree in addition to your military rank. All authors must complete and sign author statement and conflict-of-interest forms. The forms may be faxed or scanned and e-mailed to Amber Randel at the time of AFP Study Materials your submission (contact information follows this guideline). View more information about what constitutes a conflict of interest. Images: Authors should submit original color photographs, slides, radiographs, or digital images that conform to the illustration guidelines outlined in "Figures" under Preparation of the Manuscript. Figures should be original images. Do not obtain images from textbooks, journals, the Internet, etc. Acceptance of your Photo Quiz constitutes transfer of copyright. Click Here More Info >>>>>


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