Do you know how to open a Restaurant in Mainland - Dubai?

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Description: How can we start this business? Is it difficult to open this license? What will be the estimated cost for a Restaurant set up? Will this work? Etc… but one thing we forgot is we are in UAE, the main hub in GCC for food and culture. It is the place for tourists, and people from all over the world come to UAE, to enjoy their vacation with family and to have variety of traditional food of different countries, who doesn’t love eating food? People love to taste different kinds of food and especially when we are in UAE which is the place where we get worldwide cuisines to eat. No need for foodies to travel to different countries to taste their traditional food… Here is the place where we have a world with tastes of different countries, as we know for the past ten years food is the only sector which is been booming in UAE. And we can also see New Restaurants all over UAE. Read More

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