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Description: Amazon has strict rules when it comes to their Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) program. As a seller, it is important to abide by these rules to avoid expensive fees, warnings, poor ratings, and/or issues with your account that could affect your ability to sell on Amazon in the future.


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Amazon FBA Photography china - Best China Sourcing Agent | B2Csourcing

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Description: Our Express Service Photography allows you to send a sample of your product directly from the factory and have your photos ready within just 3 days! There is no need to keep waiting on product pictures when we can do them here too.


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Samples Evaluation For Amazon Sellers - B2C Sourcing

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Description: When you are exploring a new product to launch, you typically want to evaluate samples from more than one potential supplier. This process can be drawn out as the suppliers operate on their individual schedules. Our product specialist are here to streamline this process for you.


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China Sourcing Agent Fees - Best China Sourcing Agent | B2Csourcing

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Description: Paying to much for samples? Contact now China Sourcing Agent Fees We can collect samples from your supplier and ship all of them to you to save the shipping cost.


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FBA Supplier Audit China - Best China Sourcing Agent | B2Csourcing

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Description: Manufacturer or Trader? B2C Sourcing provides FBA Supplier Audit services that have quality control. and Financial Investigation Contact us now and visit our site today!


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Description: Are you looking for Best China Sourcing agent?B2C Sourcing offers customizable services to fit your needs & provide quality products just for you. Visit our site today!


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