eFax Solution to Easily Send/Receive Fax on Email

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Description: eFax is a quicker, more efficient way to send and receive faxes on emails. At Telecom Metric, you are offered the best eFax solution services. You can use them to send fax without requiring heavy machines. Also, it is an environment-friendly technique. Reach the official website to know more!


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VoIP Phone System to Securely Manage Telephony Services

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Description: VoIP phone system, or IP telephony, brings professionals in an organization on a common platform to initiate voice, data, and even conduct video interactions. The newest phone system is secure, effective, and inexpensive. Also, it does not impact ongoing operations within a company.


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Understanding Cloud PBX Technology Significance for Businesses

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Description: The cloud PBX aka Private Branch Exchange is basically a business telephoning system used within an organization. It is entirely hosted on a server in the off-site data center. This feature-rich phone system is easily accessible by both technical and non-technical administrators. The cloud-based PBX is affordable as well as a powerful calling system beneficiating countless businesses worldwide.


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