How to Add and Update Vacations and Holidays in SumoPayroll Software - YouTube

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Description: Sumopayroll offers India’s free cloud-based HR and Payroll Management software for various businesses. The software comes with features that help to manage, track and report the essential employee information. It aims to eliminate the paper work and simplify the payroll and HR processing for business owners. Some features like time and expense tracking, leave management, employee self-service and direct bank deposits reduce complexities in HR and payroll functions and increase efficiency by eliminating human errors or mistakes.


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Web based payroll software in Bangalore

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Description: Sumopayroll provides a safe and secure of "Bank Direct Deposits". Usually, it is very difficult to pay for each and every employee manually. By using Sumopayroll's ease of payment format the employee's salaries can be made without any trouble Contact number: 9121009566 Business email id -


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Where to start with payroll management software?

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Description: Sumopayroll is a leading cloud based HR and Payroll software with best technology. We aim to say goodbye to the paper documentation in the workplace. Sumopayroll core features : 1.Attendance integration 2.Employee self service 3.IT savings declaration 4.e-tds filling 5.Arrears and settlement 6.Compensation history 7.ESI,PF and PT compliant 8.HR requests 9.Consultants management 10.Bank direct deposits No trials, no credit card required. Just free HR and Payroll software online. Manage employees, process payroll and calculate deductions like TDS, ESI, EPF, Professional tax automatically. Our mission is to deliver employees an unbeatable customer experience.


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