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Battery Operated Bikini Trimmers for Sensitive Bikini Regions

Posted by 21 days ago (https://infograph.venngage.com/ps/y06nXmQIFzg/battery-operated-bikini-trimmers-for-sensitive-bikini-regions)

Description: Choose battery operated bikini trimmer from Havells for sensitive bikini region. Versatile all in one trimmer is designed to groom whole body and is specially built to minimize nicks and bumps. This bikini trimmer is water proof and hypo allergenic which will let you avoid any rashes on your sensitive skin. Visit the website for full details.


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MCB, RCCB, or MCCB: Which circuit breaker to choose?

Posted by 23 days ago (https://homeautomatio12324.blogspot.com/2019/03/mcb-rccb-or-mccb-which-circuit-breaker.html)

Description: Circuit breakers are absolutely necessary for your home. They make sure your electric circuits are well protected from current shortages and overloading. Some of the most commonly known circuit breakers are MCB circuit breaker and residual current circuit breaker which is also known as an RCCB. These devices break the circuit by tripping the switch whenever they detect any changes in current flow in the electric circuit. You can visit Havells' website for all kind of switchgears and accessories.


Tag: MCB circuit breaker, RCCB

Solar street lights for your home's outer premises

Posted by 24 days ago (https://visual.ly/community/Infographics/education/solar-street-lights-your-homes-outer-premises)

Description: Solar street lights are powered by solar energy which is collected by solar panels. The panels present on the light extract the solar energy and save it for the later use. These lights are very effective in saving energy bills and lighting up your premises at a cost effective manner. Visit Havells website for more product details and prices.


Tag: solar street lights, solar panels

Working and advantages of MCBs and RCCBs

Posted by 25 days ago (https://myappliancediary.wordpress.com/2019/03/25/working-and-usage-of-mcb-and-rccb/)

Description: MCB circuit breakers and RCCBs are one of the most important accessories of any electrical circuit. These devices protect your circuit from current overload, short circuiting, and also potential accidents caused due to current failures. They break the circuit whenever they sense some abnormal activity happening in the circuit and protect your circuit from getting harmed. Large variety of these devices are available online as well as offline including super stylish ones, which are made especially according to changing modular home decor. So, just go online, see whichever one you like and get the best deal for you.


Tag: MCB circuit breaker, RCCB

The most basic types of electrical switches

Posted by 1 days ago (https://visual.ly/community/Infographics/other/most-basic-types-electrical-switches)

Description: One way switches are one of the most commonly used switches around us. They are made to perform a single function at a time. For eg switches we use on daily basis to turn lights, fans ON or OFF. Electric switches prices are very reasonable these days for even the modular switches.


Tag: one way switch, electrical switches price

LAN cables, their types and Uses

Posted by 2 days ago (https://appliancesmadeez.weebly.com/blog/lan-cables-their-types-and-uses)

Description: LAN cables are commonly used for stable internet connections. Various types of LAN cables are CAT 6 and CAT 5. Other than internet connection, these cables can also be used for transferring files.


Tag: LAN cable, flexible cables

7 factors to consider before buying a ceiling fan

Posted by 5 days ago (https://homeautomatio12324.blogspot.com/2019/03/7-factors-to-consider-before-buying.html)

Description: Buying the best ceiling fan is absolutely necessary as the summer is almost here now. A lot of factors come into play when you think of buying one. Some of these factors are size of the room, ceiling height, warranty, energy efficiency etc.


Tag: best ceiling fans, small ceiling fans

Pedestal fans for cool summers

Posted by 7 days ago (https://create.piktochart.com/output/37411768-pedestal-fans-for-cool-summers)

Description: Pedestal fans are best suited in homes or offices where there is shortage of space or you have some function going on outdoors. Their mobility makes them very useful. They are equipped with strong motor which keeps you cool even outdoors. They come with multiple speed settings and oscillation feature.


Tag: pedestal fans online, pedestal fan price

5 tips to maintain your desert air cooler all year round

Posted by 8 days ago (https://myappliancediary.wordpress.com/2019/03/12/5-tips-to-maintain-your-desert-air-cooler/)

Description: Desert air coolers are still the last resort for people who can't afford air conditioners. They provide you nice cool experience in sweating summer without busting your bank. Although their repair and maintenance should be right in place. Some key focus areas include keeping it dust free, maintenance of cooling pads, maintaining wires and leakages etc.


Tag: desert air coolers, air cooler price

RO or UV water purifier: Which one is better for your home?

Posted by 23 days ago (https://homeautomatio12324.blogspot.com/2019/02/ro-or-uv-water-purifier-which-one-is.html)

Description: We all know the importance of drinking clean water to avoid health related issues. With this issue, we tend to search for a water purifier. But which purifier is right for you? UV water purifier or an RO water purifier, or even an RO+UV model? Read this and find out.


Tag: RO water purifier, UV water purifier

Personal air coolers for compact spaces

Posted by 25 days ago (https://homeautomatio12324.blogspot.com/2018/06/air-coolers-are-greener-option.html)

Description: Personal air coolers are ideal for personal compact indoor spaces. They come with nice cooling pads, give your small space enhanced cooling and don't consume too much of power. They are one of the best cost effective option if you're tight on budget.


Tag: personal air coolers, air cooler price

Reasons to install LED tube and ceiling lights

Posted by 28 days ago (https://articles.abilogic.com/338215/reasons-install-led-tube-ceiling.html)

Description: LED lights have been playing major role in home decor as well as for energy saving needs. LED lights last longer and illuminate the space better than conventional lights. So, if you haven't yet, it is a good time to switch to LED lights and enhance your home decor.


Tag: led tube lights, led lighting

Factors That Determine Water Geyser Price

Posted by 1 days ago (https://myappliancediary.wordpress.com/2019/02/19/factors-that-determine-water-geyser-price/)

Description: Do not invest in a water heater solely on the basis of the energy factor or just the water heater price. When choosing a geyser, it is equally important to consider fuel type, overall cost and size and first-hour rating.


Tag: water heater prices, instant geyser price

5 factors to consider before buying a hair straightener

Posted by 2 days ago (https://homeautomatio12324.blogspot.com/2019/02/5-factors-to-consider-before-buying.html)

Description: Hair straighteners can be a little tricky for different hair types. Here is a simple guide explaining 5 important factors to consider before buying a hair straightener.


Tag: best hair straightener in India

Buy the pedestal fan and say goodbye to summers!

Posted by 2 days ago (https://articles.abilogic.com/336485/buy-pedestal-fan-say-goodbye.html)

Description: Pedestal fans are very popular among people because of their efficient cooling and mobility factor. Some benefits of pedestal fans are - they are portable, easy to operate, power efficient and are also eco friendly.


Tag: best pedestal fans online

Four parameters to choose water purifier in India

Posted by 6 days ago (https://diigo.com/0dzsoo)

Description: Increasing pollution rate has made it imperative for one to have a water purifier in India. But what should you look for when you buy one? This guide is going to help you with that. Knowledge about purification process, your water purifier's maintenance, TDS level of your water are some of the basic things which should be kept in mind.


Tag: best water purifiers in India

Purpose of solar inverter for home

Posted by 7 days ago (https://diigo.com/0dzi3c)

Description: Solar inverters combine with solar panels and batteries to make a rooftop system. These are extremely useful in saving electricity bills and extracting the most out of solar energy. Read more on the website.


Tag: solar inverter for home, solar rooftop

Invest in solar panel system and extract the maximum out of solar energy

Posted by 22 days ago (https://create.piktochart.com/output/35837503-invest-in-solar-panel-system-and-extract-the-maximum-out)

Description: The solar panel system is a very efficient way to reduce your electricity bills and extract the maximum out of solar energy. It consists of a solar panel, solar inverter and grid panel to place your solar panels. It can easily be mounted on your roof and can provide a power backup of from 3 to 4 hours to run your appliances like fans, TV, lights etc.


Tag: solar panel system, solar inverter

Sturdy body and efficient cooling with best pedestal fans

Posted by 25 days ago (https://create.piktochart.com/output/35789592-sturdy-body-and-efficient-cooling-with-best-pedestal-fans-on)

Description: Best pedestal fans are known for the sturdy body, their mobility, and their ability to cool at a small running cost. They can be kept anywhere you want according to your need. With the e-commerce market in the hype, you can even choose to buy these fans online. These fans have high air thrust, oscillation feature to cool all around with variable speed settings.


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Electric shaver or beard trimmer: Which one to choose?

Posted by 27 days ago (https://homeautomatio12324.blogspot.com/2019/01/electric-shaver-or-beard-trimmer-which.html)

Description: Both electric shaver and beard trimmers are used for separate purposes, so if you're confused between the two you need to decide on your priorities. Electric shavers are used to completely remove or clean hair from your body parts, whereas beard trimmer is used to shape your beard in a specific shape.


Tag: electric shaver, beard trimmer

Residual Circuit Breaker and MCB – Advantages and more!

Posted by 28 days ago (https://diigo.com/0duluu)

Description: Circuit breakers play an integral role in the proper functioning of your electric circuits. Residual circuit breaker and MCB is one of the most common of such devices. These devices come into action when they sense any short-circuiting or current overloading. They trip and thus save your electric circuit from getting burnt and major accidents like fire.


Tag: residual circuit breaker, MCB

Home Kitchen Appliances: To Make A House A Home

Posted by 5 days ago (https://myappliancediary.wordpress.com/2019/01/15/kitchen-appliances-to-make-a-house-a-home/)

Description: Appliances have become an integral part of our lives. Electrical home kitchen appliances have revolutionized our cooking ways. Kitchen appliances like hand blenders, coffee makers, food processors and a lot more make our kitchen chores and cooking easy and save us a lot of time. The growing demand of these appliances has made companies bring the prices down of their products making it imperative for us consumers to purchase them and make our lives easier. To check hand blender and other kitchen appliances online, visit https://bit.ly/2IWmyB5


Tag: home kitchen appliances, coffee maker, hand blender online

On Grid Solar System for your Home

Posted by 15 days ago (https://www.havells.com/en/consumer/solar/on%20grid%20rooftop%20solutions.html)

Description: Install On grid solar system with solar rooftop and let the sun do power saving for you. Solar PV modules installed on your rooftop will help reduce power bills.


Tag: on grid solar system, solar PV modules

The kitchen you need, the appliance you deserve.

Posted by 26 days ago (https://homeautomatio12324.blogspot.com/2018/12/the-kitchen-you-need-appliance-you.html)

Description: Home kitchen appliances have come a long way from the stone age. They have made our kitchen work easy. From chopping to grinding, mixing; kitchen appliances can do it all in no time. With the evolution of these appliances, you have electrical appliances as well, which can cook food in no time. You can order kitchen appliances like toasters, coffee makers and grinder online as well as from your nearest store.


Tag: home kitchen appliances, grinder online

The ever-changing technology of fans

Posted by 1 days ago (https://megarajput123.wixsite.com/mysite/blog/the-ever-changing-technology-of-fans)

Description: Air conditioners have almost replaced fans because of their better cooling effect. But not everyone can afford to install an air conditioner. For this solution and evolving modular homes, decorative ceiling fans have emerged to be a better option. With an improved motor and thus better cooling, not only they keep your room cool but also match up well with your home decor. With technology changes now we also have remote controlled fans. These fans are easily available for you to buy online as well as offline.


Tag: fan, decorative ceiling fans

Most common type of cables

Posted by 3 days ago (https://bit.ly/2CgcttF)

Description: Wires are most commonly found everywhere. To your amusement, there are various types of flexible cables for various purposes. We have flame retardant cables, cable for CCTV camera, telecom switchboard cables, submersible cables and a lot more. The quality of these cables is usually ignored while selecting one. It can be harmful to your appliances. Choosing poor quality cables can damage your appliances as well as burn them. So you should put some thought before buying cables for a specific appliance.


Tag: flexible cables, cable for CCTV camera

Getting to know the technology of new-aged hot water geysers

Posted by 7 days ago (https://bit.ly/2UEMuTU)

Description: Hot water geysers have moved from their traditional ways. Now companies are investing in new technologies with geysers to woo their customers and stay ahead of the competition in the market. With heating and power efficiency ratings, companies are letting you know how much you can save on your electricity bills. They come with better body material which keeps them rust free and provide them with a longer life. You can buy geyser online or from your nearest store.


Tag: hot water geysers, geyser online

Winter is coming, ensure that the cold doesn’t tag along!

Posted by 9 days ago (https://diigo.com/0dmigy)

Description: Winters can be cruel on you. With temperatures dropping below zero, electric heaters can be your best companions. But there are variety of options available with heaters as well, most common being - convector heaters and oil filled heaters. Best part about convector heaters is that they warm the air around your room, making it cozier for you inside. Oil filled heaters are also very popular these days as they are highly efficient for large spaces.


Tag: room heaters, convector heater, oil filled heaters

LED lights for home: A long-term relationship with modular home setting

Posted by 5 days ago (https://mega123.kinja.com/led-lights-for-home-a-long-term-relationship-with-modu-1830457527?rev=1542270641495)

Description: Lighting plays a crucial role when it comes to home decor these days. They can actually make or break your decor trust me. But using LED lights for home will grant a certain exotic appeal to your home. Why choose LED lights? They are more durable than conventional lighting options and consume less power. They can be used in various ways to make your interior or exteriors look appealing. Another reason to choose them is that LED prices are also almost the same as conventional lighting options.


Tag: led lights for home, led price

Functioning and advantages of a convector heater

Posted by 6 days ago (https://myappliancediary.wordpress.com/2018/11/14/functioning-and-advantages-of-a-convector-heater/)

Description: We are all on desperate lookout for heaters as winter is almost here. Chilly winters can make you go lazy and may even almost never get out of your bed. So electric heaters are supposed to be your first priority during winters. Even in electric heaters, there is a new type these days: Convector heater. Now if you don't know what it is and how it works. Its functioning is very simple and it works a lot better than the traditional heater. It heats up the air around your room, thus keeping the whole room warm and cozy for you, not like conventional electric heater which just warms up your hands or feet. They provide you uniform heating with almost no sound at all from its motor.


Tag: convector heaters, electric room heaters

Stay perfectly groomed with electric shavers and beard trimmers

Posted by 7 days ago (https://homeautomatio12324.blogspot.com/2018/11/keep-your-beard-on-point-with-trimmers.html)

Description: Having that big all mighty beard has been trending for quite a while now. But if you plan on growing the same, you must know it needs proper care and maintenance. Properly grooming your beard from time to time with beard trimmers and electric shavers not only will make it look good but will also keep it healthy to re grow again. For the same there are variety of personal grooming products available in the market. They are not costly at all and are really easy to use.


Tag: personal grooming for men, electric shavers, beard trimmers

Modern home-kitchen appliances: A great boon to households

Posted by 21 days ago (https://diigo.com/0deypq)

Description: We all need a perfect cup of coffee to start our day. Not only it keeps us energizing, but also it helps us stay fresh and focused at our work. But having coffee at fancy cafes is not so convenient to most of the population. For that matter we have home kitchen appliances these days like espresso coffee makers, which help us make our daily coffee with ease. Not only they help us make the perfect cup of coffee but also they save a lot of time making the same.


Tag: espresso coffee makers, home kitchen appliances

Choosing the best water purifier for home!

Posted by 24 days ago (http://sco.lt/6bB8XB)

Description: Drinking clean water is not only a need, but a right too. Therefore, having the best purifier for home is extremely crucial. There are mainly UV, RO and UV+RO type water purifiers available in the market. You should check for multi stage purification ones for the best protection of your family.


Tag: best water purifier for home, water purifier comparison

Things to be kept in mind to increase your water heater’s lifespan

Posted by 26 days ago (http://sco.lt/6Qwjdh)

Description: Geysers are needed in every household in winters. But it is to be kept in mind that they need timely maintenance. If not taken care of they can go bad in no time. Here we will discuss some of the methods to increase your water heater's life.


Tag: geysers, best water heater, water heater maintenance

Designer Ceiling Fans to Enhance your Home Decor'

Posted by 27 days ago (https://diigo.com/0ddzk5)

Description: Ceiling fans in India are an imperative part of every household as it an extremely energy-efficient appliance. They are available these days in variety of styles, can serve high performance even at low voltage and give a nice appeal to your interiors.


Tag: designer ceiling fans in india

A guide to buy the best water heater for your home

Posted by 28 days ago (https://meghasharma1801.tumblr.com/post/179307114098/a-guide-to-buy-the-best-water-heater-for-your-home)

Description: Winter is almost at our door and we are in desperate need of electric water heaters as everyone knows how much of a headache it is to take shower in winters. But before buying you should consider some features like auto off feature, energy consumption units, post sales services etc. You can mainly get best water heater in the market in two variants i.e tank less and tank type. Both have their pros and cons, so get one that suits your needs.


Tag: best water heater, electric water heater