How to get Import and Export License in UAE.

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Description: Did you know? That UAE is the 25th largest exporter in the world, ranks 1st for lowest corporate tax globally, located between the crossroads of busy trade makes it popular with Dubai Import and Export business, The Dubai market is largely dependent on import and export business and trading industries, this is because there is lack of production industry and most of the raw materials have to be imported, this in turn helps the government to diversify the economy through import and export sectors, The DED (Department of Economic Development) issues a legal license for import and export which we are going to discuss in detail, to start the import and export business you have to get a trade license from DED and register the company under Commercial License / General Trading License. Here are the following documents required to submit to DED. Read More


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Do you know how to open a Restaurant in Mainland - Dubai?

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Description: How can we start this business? Is it difficult to open this license? What will be the estimated cost for a Restaurant set up? Will this work? Etc… but one thing we forgot is we are in UAE, the main hub in GCC for food and culture. It is the place for tourists, and people from all over the world come to UAE, to enjoy their vacation with family and to have variety of traditional food of different countries, who doesn’t love eating food? People love to taste different kinds of food and especially when we are in UAE which is the place where we get worldwide cuisines to eat. No need for foodies to travel to different countries to taste their traditional food… Here is the place where we have a world with tastes of different countries, as we know for the past ten years food is the only sector which is been booming in UAE. And we can also see New Restaurants all over UAE. Read More


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What people don’t tell you about VAT Registration in United Arab Emirates.

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Description: VAT is calculated on your total sales value. Okay! You knew that, but what you might not know is that the threshold of AED 187500.00 can be matched by taxable expenses as well, there are two types of supplies/sales, one is taxable and the other is exempt. Now remember,while calculating the threshold we can ONLY take into account the taxable supplies/sales, yes it is compulsory to register once your taxable supplies/sales crosses the threshold of AED 375000.00 but, you have to apply for registration within 30 days or else you may get a fine of AED 20000.00,if the FTA randomly visits your office to check your records and if it is not in order who do you think will be held responsible? “Not the Accountant OR any employee” but the owner of the company.


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Description: Did you know the population in the United Arab Emirates as of 2018 is 9.54 million? Out of which 2.66 million are women and 6.89 million are men, out of which 8.04 million are in the age group of 15 to 55. Now can you tell me how many of these people would like to look exquisite on a daily basis? Let me tell you… everyone!!! Everyone loves a well-cared look from tip to toe, the salon business in Dubai is a booming business since the 2000’s. Why? You may ask… United Arab Emirates is not just any ordinary country, it’s a hub for global business, and who runs these businesses? People like you and me. People from all around the world travel to Dubai one of the world’s favorite travel destination for business, relaxation, vacations etc. when you are in a place like Dubai everyone wants to look their best and that gives great demand for services such as salon, spas, beauty treatments etc. Read More



Gold Trading license |Gold Commodity Trading

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Description: Tourists visiting Dubai would most likely not return without the purchase of gold. So, if you are planning to setup a business related to gold, diamonds and other precious metals, and then business setup in Dubai is definitely worth a thought, Dubai is renowned for its diversified economy and has been a fertile ground for many multinationals. Dubai is very famous for its cultural diversity and mesmerizing infrastructure, and these have made Dubai one of the most sought-after business and leisure destinations all over the world. Due to the increase in expatriates and tourists, there is always a scope for trading activities in Dubai, gold’s price to rise as demand for it increases every day. Since the early 1960s, the amount of gold bought annually has almost increased 4 times, thanks to its cultural and financial value across the world, and application in diverse industries ranging from technology to jewelry. Read More


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Legal translation Services - Court Notarization – Document Attestation

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Description: Legalized translation of documents can be quite complicated especially for expats. However, the process has become simplified over the years, legal translation gives documents a legal eligibility and makes it purposeful over UAE jurisdictions. WMS caters to the translation of documents issued by clients home country’s authorities such as consulates, government bodies etc, legal translation is used in UAE for documents which are known as official, attested or sworn in other countries allowing them to have same significance for any official purpose in UAE, as per the guidelines of Ministry of Justice, documents either in English or Arabic which have been translated and issued in foreign countries and are to be used in with any UAE authority for official reasons, should be stamped at a local UAE office of Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA). Read More


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Travel and Tourism Company Setup in UAE - WMS Business Setup

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Description: Dubai had a strategic objective of attracting not less than 20 million tourist/visitors per year by 2020 which is already twice the number what UAE welcomed in 2012,UAE Vice President and Prime Minister Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Makhtoom, Ruler of Dubai and approved the vision in May 2013. Since then the DTCM has worked diligently to make Dubai the ‘First Choice’ for the International tourists and business travelers, The strategy helped UAE to achieve the goal by outlining the Infrastructure to be delivered for the city to drive and serve the visitors, UAE introduced many initiatives like Regulatory Policy, Infrastructure Development and cost-effective incorporation packages to attract Tourism Investments. Read More


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How to get General trading license in UAE

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Description: For new business setups it could be quite a challenging task to choose which kind to license to start with. It really depends on your business activity ,businesses wishing to host trade, import and export of any tangible goods should apply for general trading licenses. This enables them not only to trade locally but internationally as well. If a business decides to trade, import or export goods like textiles, household items, electronics, food, non-food etc. they should go for a general trading license. If a business has an interest in multiple trading activities across different categories which fall within or outside an industry, general trading license covers it all. Read More


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Difference between Mainland and Free zone Company Formation In UAE

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Description: When you’re going to form your company in UAE, you need to see which jurisdiction would be the most suitable for your company providing opportunities in returns and growth. A mainland jurisdiction is an on-shore company controlled/run/licensed by DED (Department of Economic Development), where you are allowed to do business locally and internationally. Read More


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Technical Services License In UAE | Costing and Procedure

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Description: Dubai is one of the best places to start a technical services license, because of its strategic location in the world, which is between Asian and European markets, It is very simple to do business with technical service license in Dubai. Read More


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foodstuff trading license in Dubai | Foodstuff trading in free zone

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Description: Food & Dairy Consultant , Food & Dairy Consultant , Foodstuff E-Trading – commercial license, Baby Food Trading – commercial license, Frozen Fish & Seafood Trading – commercial license, Canned & Preserved Food Trading – commercial license, Food & Beverages Trading – commercial license, Cereal Food Manufacturing – industrial license, Natural (organic) Food Manufacturing – industrial license, Foods Containing Homogenized Ingredients Manufacturing – industrial license Read More


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Business Setup In Dubai | Start Business In Dubai - WMS

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Description: Worldwide Management Solutions was founded with a single mission: to be the most professional, creative and helpful consulting agency in UAE. We approach each of our clients with fresh eyes and develop custom-made strategies. Let us help you make your dreams a reality, want a business setup in Dubai? Lot of business opportunities in Dubai, WMS can assist you to start business in uae, company license, free zone companies, WMS takes pride in being the most professional, creative and helpful consulting agency in UAE. We approach each of our clients with fresh eyes and develop custom-made strategies. We make your dreams a reality ,are you ready to set your brand or business on the path to success? Give us a call today. You’ll be glad you did, personal or corporate Bank Account Opening is a Value Added Service for which WMS do not charge anything extra. Worldwide Management Solutions is dealing with all Top Local Banks depending upon the client’s requirement and as per the Banks Minimum Average Balance Maintenance.

How To Setup Business In Dubai Mainland | Business Setup in UAE

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Description: How To Setup Business In Dubai Mainland, we are business setup consultants in Dubai, UAE, we are offering 35,000 AED package to setup a business in dubai,setting up business in Dubai mainland requires a UAE National to act as 51% shareholder or a service agent depending on the type of business activity. In the commercial, Tourism, Industrial license, the UAE National must have a minimum of 51% shares. The UAE National must be appointed a service agent in case of a Professional license, Branch of a foreign company, Branch of a Free zone company and Representative office,the UAE National shareholder can either be a company or an individual. The company formed by UAE National can also be 51% shareholder for the company and this is termed as a corporate shareholder. Anyhow corporate shareholding is not accepted in few activities, to name few are General Trading, Building contracting etc.


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Offshore Company Setup |Banks accounts | 100% ownership

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Description: OFFSHORE COMPANIES (INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS COMPANIES) is a company which does not carry out any substantial business activities in its country of formation and is framed in a law of no tax jurisdiction for the purposes of legally reducing any kind of tax payment and enhancing one's wealth management. Read More


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RAK Free Zone Business Setup | Setup Company in RAK Free Zone

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Description: RAK Free Zone is located in Ras Al Khaimah (RAK) northern side of UAE. RAK Free Zone is one the leading and fastest growing business destination in UAE. RAK Free Zone is just an hour away from Dubai. It is representing different business industries sectors along more than 8,500 companies. RAK Free Zone is giving high-class services, facilities and business-friendly enjoinment to investors so they can get a higher return on their investments. Read More


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Company Setup in Dubai | 100%Ownership, 0%Corporate Tax?

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Description: Business Setup In UAE LLC, Company Setup in dubai ,Want a business setup in dubai? Lot of business opportunities in Dubai, WMS can assist you to start business in uae , company license, freezone companies,Business Setup In Dubai | Start Business In Dubai - WMS Read More


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Affordable/ Cost-Effective Business Setup / Company Registration Dubai

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Description: The most affordable and cost-effective Business Setup/company registration Dubai. Start your own business, meet our business experts and get free advice. Read More


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Clinic setup Dubai |Health Clinic setup |Procedure & Benefits

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Description: Do you know that getting a DHA (Dubai Health Authority) license in Dubai is not as complicated as you think? First let us understand the basics, UAE’s health regulatory authorities are represented by the ministry of health (MOH) and for Dubai the regulatory is DHA (Dubai Health Authority) DHA’s vision and mission is to make Dubai a pioneering healthcare destination by adopting innovative and integrated care models and promoting valuable community engagement. UAE wants to achieve the highest standards of professionalism in the medical industry. Read More


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Pro Services Dubai Hassle Free Service Visa Processing

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Description: Approvals from Ministry & Government Departments, Assistance for all Government & Semi Government work, Attestation of Import / Export Documents Company Registrations, Chamber of Commerce / Foreign Affairs /Ministry of Justice Notary, Consular Affairs, Document Clearance / Document Writing / Document Processing in Labor / Immigration/ Economic & other Gov. Departments Benefits of Outsourcing your PRO Services to us. Read More


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School setup|Collage Setup|Education Institution in Dubai

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Description: An educational institution is best defined as a place where people of different Ages obtain training and study based on skills and improves their knowledge to become a useful member of the society for their contribution of trained skills towards different socio-economic sectors. Read More


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