IYPH 2020: A Renewed Commitment to Plant Health

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Description: We all know that plants make up 80 percent of our food but are under constant and increasing threat from pests and diseases. For example: Did you know that a swarm of small locusts can eat the same amount of food in one day, as thousands of people eat throughout a year?


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Soil Health: Soil Science and Soil Treatment Through Zeba - UPL

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Description: In the face of shrinking land and water resources as well as unpredictable weather, we have innovative solutions for helping farmers endure climate uncertainties.


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Importance of Stewardship and Compliance at UPL

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Description: UPL is an aggressively growing company and a leader in providing sustainable agricultural solutions comprising seed, chemical, natural, organic, biological and post-harvest product portfolios. With this broad range of innovative products, UPL bears the responsibility of managing these products throughout their life cycles to reduce their potential impact on humans and the environment. In essence, that is the role of UPL's Stewardship and Compliance function. Stewardship is an important aspect of our business in terms of adding real value to customers, business partners, and farmers.


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IYPH - International Year Of Plant Health - UPL

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Description: We at UPL are committed to protect the plant health with various environment conservation activities by providing bugs protection & pest destruction for the plants and improving the soil health.


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Seeds: High Quality Of Vegetable & Crops Seeds For Better Yields | UPL

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Description: UPL provides the best seed solutions for crops like corn, rice, sorghum, wheat and many more. Through its group company Advanta, UPL delivers high value crops all over the globe.


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Aquatic Plant Management: Non Toxic Herbicides and Algicides | UPL

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Description: Our advanced aquatic plant management and has effective algae management solutions. UPL provides algicide and non toxic herbicides to protect water bodies.


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People Development And Sustainability

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Description: People development & management is the topmost priority so UPL focuses on employee engagement, human rights & personal growth of the employee by initiating various community development program.


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