Why Network Should Use Own Autonomous System Number (ASN)

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Description: A unique ASN is allocated to each AS for use in BGP routing. AS numbers are important because the ASN uniquely identifies each network on the Internet.


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Internet Infrastructure & Interconnection in India

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Description: DE-CIX. German Internet Exchange major who just Entered in Indian Market with a JV with Mumbai IX, Had published a White paper on “Internet Infrastructure & Interconnection in India” with Telegeography.


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ISP Peering in India

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Description: Peering is a process by which two Internet networks connect and exchange traffic. Direct ISP Peering helps to Improve Internet Latency & Reduce Bandwidth Cost.


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Mumbai-IX to Deploy Mara Systems’s Solutions in India

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Description: MARA Systems will deploy its cutting-edge technology, including CACHEMARA, in a Mumbai-IX enabled data center and will provide services across Mumbai-IX’s Internet Exchange infrastructure.


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Internet Peering Exchange

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Description: Mumbai IX is India's Largest Peering hub, offering neutral internet and peering exchange services through various traffic exchange points. Contact us now.


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DE-CIX India - New Internet Exchange’s in Delhi, Kolkata & Chennai

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Description: DE-CIX Interwire Internet Services Private Limited, the leading Internet Exchange (IX) operator in the Indian market, will expand its business activities to the Delhi, Kolkata and Chennai markets. Visit us for a consultation.


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Start Peering!! Start Saving the ILL Cost (Bandwidth)

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Description: Peering helps in keeping the traffic local, providing faster connections between two peered networks. It makes the Internet more affordable and faster for user.


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State of Mobile Networks: India – an Open Signal Report

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Description: The emergence of disruptive technology which leads to increasing Internet speed and the Indian structure of data consumption rate along with growing competition.


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Mumbai-IX, powered by DE-CIX, expands footprint by adding a PoP at GPX

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Description: Mumbai-IX, powered by DE-CIX, Now Available at GPX DC, Customers having already a PoP in GPX Can connect directly by ordering a Cross-Connect to Mumbai-IX Rack.



Mumbai IX Locations

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Description: Check out Mumbai Internet Exchange's current and upcoming internet exchange hubs and facilities across India.


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Interconnection Services In Mumbai

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Description: ISP’s should be aware of the best practices while connecting to internet exchange. There is advancement seen in IX technology since the last decade. Usually, the ability to sustainably contribute to the development of the internet ecosystem within its community measures the success of an IXP. The peering policy of Networks is generally categorized as Open, Selective & Restricted. Mumbai IX assists Bilateral Peering & Route Server Peering through its world-class infrastructure backed by DECIX.


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What is an AS Number?

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Description: An AS is a group of IP networks operated by one or more network operator(s) that has a single and clearly defined external routing policy.


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The Rise of Illegitimate Internet Service Providers

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Description: A significant hike in the penetration and proliferation of Internet has been seen over the past 2 years. Small ISPs are playing a major role in this process.


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India's Largest Internet Exchange & Peering Hub

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Description: Mumbai IX is an open peering hub, which offers settlement-free peering between domestic and international networks across its physical peering fabric in India.


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How to Get a VNO Licence in India

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Description: Mumbai IX Helps Entrepreneurs who are looking to get a Virtual Network Operator Licence in India.


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