Tile Cleaning Service

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Description: Our company services professional tile cleaning service in Brooklyn. We also deliver commercial and residential floor restoration services. D’Sapone experts carry out the best natural stone floor restoration service using best quality cleaning and sealing products.


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Stone Sealing Service

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Description: We provide the best stone sealing service in Brooklyn. Our company also offers commercial and residential natural stone restoration services. Our experts also offer stone floor and shower restoration services.


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Marble Cleaning Service

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Description: Our company offers a formidable marble cleaning service in Brooklyn. Backed by certified products our artists make the floor waterproof and add a sparkle to it. We are the best marble cleaning company in New York.


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Marble Polishing Service

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Description: Get a high quality marble polishing service in Brooklyn, with D’Sapone. Our professional marble polishing services will transform your stone.Our artists strive hard to deliver the shiny look that your stone deserves.


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Tile and Grout Cleaning Service for Hotels

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Description: We provide a high quality tile and grout cleaning service for hotels in Brooklyn, NY. No matter how blemished, your tile and grout are, our professional tile and grout cleaning will transform it to a new one.


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bathroom floor tiles

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Description: Experience an outstanding floor cleaning and sealing services with D’Sapone in Brooklyn, NY.. Our artists will deliver you the desired cleanliness with their detailed deep cleaning process.Residential floor sealing service is also a part of our service.


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Tile Cleaning Services

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Description: Our company delivers an outstanding tile cleaning service in Brooklyn, NY. Backed by quality cleaners our artists will provide you with an ultra clean and spotless surface. Commercial and residential tile cleaning is also a part of our service.


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