3 Major Benefits of Social Bookmarking sites for SEO

I'm pretty sure that you know about what bookmarks are - thopse stripes of leather or crafted cards used to mark a place in a textbook.

Similarly to that, on the internet users can use bookmarks to save their favourite web pages or links to visit in future.

Personally I have an enormous amount of important videos, pages and documents that I have saved for the future use so I saved them on social bookmarking sites.

Now you might wonder what social bookmarking is? Social bookmarking is a method for internet users to organize, store, search and manage bookmarks of web pages on the internet with the help of metadata.

In simple words social bookmarking is an off page technique of saving web pages or website/ blogs links to a website and those websites are known as social bookmarking websites. There are plenty of social bookmarking websites out there in the market.

In this article we are going to show you the benefits of social bookmarking sites for SEO. After implementing this you will see a rapid growth in your website traffic and backlinks as well.

1 - Increase search engine visibility and brand awareness

As social networks get traffic in millions every single day, how good it will be if your site will get a decent amount of traffic from such a bookmarking site. The more bookmarks you will have chances of more visitors yoiu will have.

2 - Helps in Quick Indexing in Google and other search engines

Social bookmarking is the best and fastest way to get search engines to visit a webpage, website or blog. In other words, once we bookmark links of the web pages across the social bookmarking sites like - digg, reddit, pinterest, etc. Google and other search engines index the links depending on the value of keywords in the website.

3 - Increase in SEO value

Social bookmarking sites makes it easies for people to find the blogs or websites and it helps you in getting backlinks to your blog or website.

If you bookmark your blog or website more in social bookmarking websites you will get backlinks from each website(some will be no follow and do follow as well). This results in higher page rank for your web page or blog.

And indirectly your ranking will increase slightly. Posting interesting and quality content that appeals to a larger audience will lead to awareness of the blog or website and increase website traffic.

It is recommended to use proper title, keywords and description to define your link on the bookmarking website. It is another way to generate free traffic to a webpage.

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