How social bookmarking sites helps to improve SEO

Social Bookmarking is a kind of off page SEO optimization activity that lets you store your website links on other online bookmarking websites. These bookmarks of links are the tagged pages on the web.

For many SEO experts social bookmarking is one of the traditional and popular ways to gain lots of traffic to your website. Social bookmarking also helps a website to index faster in the search engines. Web pages that are bookmarked at social bookmarking websites are still considered as quality backlinks in the eyes of search engines.

Social Bookmarking is an effective and easy way that helps you not only improve your website traffic but also impvoes the opportunity to make your blog or content viral on the internet very fast and that will help you in gaining quality links from other sites.

Reasons How Social Bookmarking Sites can help you to Improve SEO

So let’s see those reasons why you should bookmark your website or blog

Promote Your Content for Free

Social Bookmarking helps you in content promotion for free. While there is a lot of stuff that you can do through outreach and social media stages but when it comes to content marketing and content promotion, social bookmarking sites are still a very effective way through which you can quickly reach your target potential audience and promote your business, service or product very easily without much effort.

But always keep in mind that content is kind.


Bookmarking helps your website to index faster in google. Sometimes you face problems after publishing your new blog post but that post is not getting indexed by google, bing or any other search engine. Then in that case social bookmarking can help your website to index faster in search engines

Since social bookmarking websites are authority sites, search engine bots/ crawlers or spider crawls visit these sites almost continuously and due to the reason when some link is found on the website which is bookmarked that automatically gets bookmarked by those bots.

So it's a very good technique in SEO or to improve your SEO efforts for your website.

Generate Targeted Traffic

You can generate targeted traffic to your website. One of the best seasons to do social bookmarking is that sites like Stumbleupon and Reddit that have a huge audience base and different types of community are there where a lot of discussions happens on different keywords and topics. You can find those topics and join the different communities and can promote your blog or website there for real potential traffic. So social bookmarking sites are the best way to generate targeted traffic for your website or blog for free.

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