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Description: The skeleton suddenly roared, and a roaring flame rushed toward Mrs. Yunhua's face. The temperature is almost comparable to that of Jiuzhuan Shenhuo. Say to hit to hit, the word is not congenial more than half a sentence! The temperature is rising crazily! Even Ling Yan can't carry it. Scatter! Yunhua madam grand Xuanxian strength, how can be afraid of this but Tianxian change of the burning skeleton? He immediately waved his hand, gathered his immortal power in the palm of his hand, and hit the flame. Pow! The flame is directly scattered. The clouds are light and the wind is light, and there are no waves. "What strength are you?" The skeleton turned pale with fright. Although it felt that Mrs. Yunhua was strong, it never thought that Mrs. Yunhua would break her technique so easily. It's easy for me to slay you. But I'm not here to fight with you, but to look for the wild mirror. If you really don't know, get out of the way, and I'll go in and look for it! "Xuanxian Xiu Wei?" The body of the burning skeleton obviously shook a few times, and the look unnaturally showed fear! Xuan Xian? It never thought that the strength of the people was so strong! I don't know how many people there are outside the sky, but Xuanxian is the existence of the dragon, which is incomparably strong, and also stands proudly above countless monks. That's what I thought, but the skeleton didn't mean to get out of the way at all. His attitude gradually hardened again and he said, "No one is allowed to enter the depths of Tianfu, even if you are Xuanxian!" "Are you not afraid of death?" Mrs. Yunhua asked strangely. It is reasonable to say that it is absolutely impossible to resist Mrs. Yunhua with such strength! "Dead?"? Ha ha, I don't know who will win. Do you think the victory is in hand? After the words of the burning skeleton, his body was dim, and his whole body turned into immortal power and dispersed into the depths. Want to go? "Mrs. Yunhua's pretty face turned cold and she snorted angrily, ready to go after the burning skeleton." Elder, wait! Don't chase! Ling Yan shouted to stop Mrs. Yunhua. What's the matter? Ling Yan? "If the skeleton is not afraid of us, it must have something to rely on, and if it withdraws to the depths, it must be looking for something to rely on. I'm afraid there's a trap or something. If we go in rashly, we'll suffer losses if we don't get it right!" Ling Yan said in a deep voice. To be able to think calmly under such circumstances, Ling Yan, I also look down on you! Mrs. Yunhua stopped, nodded and looked at him appreciatively, agreeing with Ling Yan's words. Indeed,push back racking system, the surrounding Yang Qi is not only hot, it can also affect people's minds, making people feel irritable, hesitant, flustered and nervous unconsciously. If you are not careful, you will lose your mind or be in danger of having demons. Hot and dry, but also let two people in the heart gradually irritable. "Elder, let me go ahead and have a look!" Ling Yan said in a deep voice, "If something happens, the elder can save the disciple in time." "Is it?" There was something wrong in Mrs. Yunhua's heart, although it was a way that was not a way. But Ling Yan offered to see that he was a man with a deep understanding of Dali. You don't have to do this at all. I'll release the fairy power to gather the civet cat to explore the way! "Elder, this time the burning skeleton, I have observed for a long time, this fire department is irascible by nature, it is difficult to control their emotions, but this burning skeleton is different, teardrop pallet racking ,asrs warehouse, it can suppress their anger in time, but also know how to temporarily avoid the edge, its mind is far beyond your imagination, Elder, you are known as the heir of Duobao Tianjun, even if something really happened to me." I'm sure you'll save me, too? Ling Yan showed a good-looking smile at this time, cast a trusting look at Mrs. Yunhua, and immediately stepped forward directly. Before stepping a few steps, after the corner, Ling Yan directly urged the soul-taking general to order, the space tunnel appeared, directly took over the space tunnel, the soul-taking general handed over the breath of the afterlife, quickly installed on his body, and then with a paralyzing ring to shield the breath, covered the crescent moon robe, under such breath, I believe Mrs. Yunhua is also difficult to detect it? The existence of the breath of the afterlife, any attack Ling Yan is not afraid! Ling Yan is really not so kind, but once Mrs. Yunhua has an accident, then he must also follow the hiccup, this broken place, it is difficult to come in, it is also difficult to go out, if Yunhua dies, just those grotesque organs, Ling Yan will be difficult to break, rather than so, he will be righteous. Chapter 776 Tiger King. Ling Yan took a few steps forward, looked around, could not see any defense, and immediately pressed one hand on his waist. The feeling of fullness and stability made his whole body heavy, and a circle of golden light appeared faintly all over his body, which made Mrs. Yunhua behind him secretly wonder what kind of skill it was? How can you send out such breath that even you can't help throbbing? What treasure is the breath of the afterlife? Although Ling Yan was in a hurry, when he put this treasure on, there was still a feeling of depression and heaviness in his heart. Although Mrs. Yunhua had heard of the name of the breath of the afterlife, she had never owned it. Fortunately, there was a big change in the breath before and after the magic weapon linked to the original life. In this place where Yang was overflowing, Mrs. Yunhua could not notice it. What Ling Yan used at this time was the breath of the afterlife captured by the Demon Alliance. Maybe Ling Yan doesn't know, but its grade may not be much worse than the magic dragon or the paralysis ring. What kind of technique is this? Mrs. Yunhua gazed at the light blooming on Ling Yan's body and murmured in her mouth, revealing her doubts in her eyes. These rays of light are not only produced by themselves, but also appear as if for some purpose, which makes Mrs. Yunhua a little surprised, but after a moment, she noticed that her eyes were clumsy. It's not a technique.. It's a magic weapon. ??” Yunhua lady treasure for many years, some inferior magic weapon nature can see a black and white right and wrong, but the level of the breath of the afterlife is not low, at least above the very artifact, even she can not see at a glance. To such magic weapon,push back racking system, cloud China madam cannot help curious: "When did Ling Yan get such a treasure after all?" At this time, Mrs. Yunhua's brain suddenly froze directly. But see Ling Yanxu step a few times, immediately rushed in directly.

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