Top 6 Most Popular Social Bookmarking Websites You Must Know

Let's have a look at the most popular social bookmarking sites out there, to help give your content exposure and boost your SEO and marketing strategy efforts.

Social bookmarking is a traditional and old school SEO strategy(off-page) which still works in some scenarios. You can bookmark your blog posts, articles, videos, images etc on these sites for free and get free traffic. There are other advantages of submitting your content to one of these popular social bookmarking sites. For one thing they help to increase your brand awareness.

More the peoples will have access to your content there are more chances that it will go viral. You can use these social bookmarking sites to make your content viral.

Top 6 Most Popular Social Bookmarking Websitses of 2021

1. Sbookmarking

2. Pinterest

3. Mix

4. Reddit

5. Digg

6. Pocket

1 - Sbookmarking is a best social bookmarking website, wherever you'll be able to simply submit your web site link & get traffic on your web site, best classified sites and much more.

It is one among the most effective social bookmarking web sites to drive the standard traffic to your product page or website for free of charge. it's modified a great deal over the past years. antecedently it had been like Reddit wherever the front page was curated through the users of the web site.

2 - Pinterest is one of my favourite and most popular social bookmarking sites there with over more than 70 millions users all over the world. This platform is more popular among womens almost 80 percent and 42 percent of US adult women online have their accounts on Pinterest.

It is one of the best social bookmarking websites to drive the quality traffic to your product page or website for free.

3 - Mix which was previously known as stumbleupon is one of the bigger social bookmarking sites out there. Whenever you bookmark something on this site you can add extra details to it such as type of content, tags and subject of the content as well. Which helps in bigger reach.

4 - Reddit is a social bookmarking plus a forum type website it is a different platform. Reddit is a self styles front page of the internet with a lot of communities on this platform. Users promotes their websites and blogs here in the form of stories, images and videos and other reddit users can upvote and downvote it is like or dislike.

5 - Digg is also a most popular social bookmarking website and it has changed a lot over the past years. Previously it was like Reddit where the front page was curated through the users of the website.

6 - Pocket is really a perfectly designed social bookmarking site, it comes with an app to pocket stuff as you go. Saving you returning to the site all the time. You can also search by your interests and find other interesting things.

This means adding your own blogs or content to the site offers an extra avenue for people to find it. Pocket has a user base of over 22 million.

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