5 Most In-Demand Technologies For IT Professionals In 2022

Information Technology is a field that has been continuously evolving since it’s beginning. It has undergone vast changes and developments to help us live a better life. The job opportunities offered are also endless and so it is important for any IT professional to keep their eyes open wide towards any new trends in the field.

To have a general idea about the technology trends is a necessity for anyone related to the IT sector. All the latest technology trends are inspired by problems and solutions that are closely related to human life like security concerns, communication, data analysis etc. The unexpected switch to remote and hybrid working patterns during the pandemic has also influenced the latest trends in technology to a big extent.

There are many innovative technologies to look forward to in 2022 that will affect human lives from all sectors. Companies have become more agile, predictive and adaptive to the new normal and have upgraded their technologies to help other businesses manage their work also.

According to recent studies, there are about 65,000 job openings in the IT industry with over 300 gaming companies aiming to launch their VR (virtual reality) world.

Let us find out the 5 most in-demand technologies for IT professionals in the year 2022 for a better understanding.

  1. 5G Technology Adoption
  2. Artificial Intelligence
  3. Metaverse
  4. Blockchain Technology
  5. Cleantech

5 Trending Technologies Of The Year 2022

Emerging technologies create vast job opportunities for IT professionals. Hence, it is important for them to be vigilant regarding new technologies.

  • 5G Technology Adoption

The transformation from 2G to 4G was in a jiffy. According to researchers, 5G technology subscriptions will surpass one billion in the year 2022. There shall be a significant improvement in speed with regard to uploading, downloading, data transfer and streaming with the advent of 5G in 2022.

IOT or the internet of things will improve in speed, which means the internet powered smart devices that are linked together to operate together shall perform at greater speed. There won’t be a drop in speed, latency and reliability with 5G technology. This is due to the network slicing feature that creates independent networks offering different services for each device.

Unlike 4G, there would not be any struggle with connectivity in a crowd with the introduction of 5G as it can transmit radio waves to as many as one million devices per square kilometre.

  • Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence will be one of the most influential technologies in human life in the year 2022. This is one technology that has turned from experimental to essential during the current year. Its widespread usage shows how potential it is to provide solutions in all industrial sectors. AI has spread its wings from the healthcare sector to the automobile industry.

AI tools are build using programming languages and python is one among the popular programming languages. The advantages of python in building AI tools are multiple, making it most suitable for the same.

AI is used in variety of fields. For instance, We largely depend on navigational assistance made with AI to guide through various locations. Machine learning technology ranks online search results and predicts what a user is searching for by offering suggestions. To point a few other areas where AI has influenced tremendously include:

  • Automation in manufacturing
  • Guiding Self-driving cars
  • Smart online assistance such as Siri and Google
  • Airline reservations
  • Hotel booking
  • Data analysis on a large basis etc

AI and Cyber security: Cyber crimes are on a steady rise in today’s world. Cybersecurity firms are now incorporating artificial intelligence to get hold of the cybercrimes before they actually happen. AI is able to address the vulnerabilities beforehand and stop cyber attacks from happening. This helps to avoid huge losses for companies.

The new work from home scenarios and digitization of workspace has all made it essential to train employees on online safety to reduce data breaches and losses. Businesses are adopting new cybersecurity techniques with AI to monitor and guard networks against hackers. This is clear with cloud storage companies offering end-to-end encryption for online data storage and data transfers.

  • Metaverse

Metaverse is the new norm of 2022. It has gained sudden popularity with facebook’s name change to ‘Meta’. It is described as the next evolution in social connectivity. Metaverse is a virtual three dimensional space in which users can login to socialise, work, shop, collaborate or play games together. It is a wide arena beyond imaginations that opens up endless opportunities for IT professionals.

Metaverse has become an inevitable part of our lives, which is clear in the boom in Metaverse real estate sales reaching 85 million this year according to Metametric Solutions. Ingame purchase and asset creation in Metaverse has become a common phenomenon. Gaming industries are busy building competitive cloud games and Top Cloud Gaming Jobs for the Future. VR (Virtual Reality) and AR (Augmented Reality) enable users to explore and immerse themselves in the digital world to share experiences.

  • Blockchain

Blockchain is another trending technology that has finally overcome its stages of uncertainty in the year 2022. It has emerged to become a viable solution to many technical challenges in today’s world. Blockchain technology is used in :

  • Cryptocurrency
  • Digital payment technologies
  • Encryption technology
  • NFT- Non Fungible Token
  • Blockchain gaming etc.

The use of NFTs in blockchain data units enable the users to create digital work, sell it online and earn cryptocurrencies.

A blockchain developer has immense opportunities in the field like

  • Creating system records
  • Securing blockchain architecture for digital transactions
  • Designing application features and interfaces
  • Maintaining client and server-side applications etc.

The ledger feature in Blockchain is made use of in storing various kinds of data including medical data and other personal records. It can be used to protect copyrights, list title deed owners, track digital transactions, trade in NFT marketplaces and supply chain monitoring. A developer has to be excellent in computer networking, cryptography, algorithm and data structures.

  • Cleantech

There is a development of new technologies in sustainable living patterns as well. This is known as Clean Technology or Cleantech in short. This technology takes care of reducing the environmental impact of products and services with optimised usage of natural resources. This mainly concentrates on renewable energies. Cleantech makes use of wind, hydroelectric power and solar energy more than fossil fuels. The top cleantech trends include:

  • Rechargeable batteries
  • Electric vehicles and motors
  • Solar panels
  • Biofuel powered turbo generators
  • Waste management technologies, etc

There is a huge chance of a technological boom in Cleantech in the year2022 and the contributions of IT professionals in this regard are going to be humongous.


It is interesting to know about the new trends in technology in the year 2022 and how they will affect our lives. This knowledge is especially useful for the IT professionals since they are the ones who shall benefit from introducing any new technology in any sector. The job opportunities and chances brought about by the new technologies in 2022 are mind blowing. Hence the relevance of having a general awareness on this topic!

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