Top 4 Reasons why you Must use social bookmarking for SEO

As we all know that social bookmarking is an off page seo activity which helps us to increase our blog or website traffic for free. However in this article we will discuss some reasons why you must use social bookmarking for SEO.

Many SEO experts, social bookmarking is the most popular way to gain lots of traffic and backlinks for their website or blog. However over the years SEO has changed a lot but some techniques will remain the same in the future as well.

Sites that are bookmarked on social media sites are considered to be high quality backlinks in the eyes of search engines. That’s why they are used very widely; you must use social bookmarking sites for your SEO efforts.

1 - Leads Generation

One of the most important aspects of social bookmarking is that it meke a great place to virally promote your content, website or business for free. If you promote it properly then there are lots of chances there you will get potential customers. Since lead generation is an important part of doing any business, using social bookmarking platforms will help you to gain more qualified leads such as people who are always on the lookout for new offerings can be interested in your content.

2 - More Subscriptions

The most interesting thing you post on these social bookmarking sites is the chances are more that it will become viral and will acquire the most valuable traffic and if readers find your content useful then they are more likely to subscribe to your blog or website newsletter, and it means the returning visitors will increase on your blog.

3 - Create High Quaity Backlinks

Social bookmarking is the easiest way to create high quality backlinks. You can create hundreds of backlinks from High Authority Bookmarking Sites for free.

We all know that the backlinks are the most important factor of SEO, as they help you to rank higher in the SERPs, increase your domain authority and page authority as well. But building quality links is the most important thing when it comes to off-page SEO. By using social bookmarking sites you can earn many quality backlinks for free.

4 - Increase Your Domain Authority

In SEO DA(domain authority) an important factor when it comes to rank for highly competitive keywords. But improving domain authority is not an easy task and it will not increase in a few days. Since it is based on many different factors but the main factor of domain authority is how strong your backlink profile is. Backlink profile means that how many high quality sites are pointing towards your blog or site, and relevance also matters the most when it comes to link building.

So these were some reasons why you must use social bookmarking sites for SEO.

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