Using Space Management Software for the Younger Employees

Workplaces have gone through drastic changes in recent years. The pandemic and rise of hybrid work setups have changed employees' workplace expectations.

Hybrid workplaces give autonomy to choose the place of work, but younger employees want more. They want the freedom to choose their desks, parking lots, and other amenities. They do not want to go through tiring approval processes before accessing the necessary resources.

So as Gen Z sets out to become the fastest-growing labor force in the next five years, offices need to identify and understand their needs regarding office space and culture. And find ways to achieve this for higher employee retention. 

But what is the solution? A space management software

Yes, space management software is no longer a tool to manage physical inventory, and it helps curate an agile workflow where employee experience takes priority. With real-time data on space utility, space management software can help plan your office space in a way that appeals to a younger workforce. 

Here are five ways to use space management for a better employee experience.

Create a Seamless Workplace Experience

Space management software is not only about managing the facility anymore. They are vital for managing every point of contact between your employees, amenities, and facility. Use space management software to create a unified workflow where employees can access facilities and amenities using a single software.

Use space management software with tools like desk/room/parking spot booking to allow employees to schedule workplace resources whenever necessary. They can book their parking space while commuting and reserve their desks in advance or hot-desk their favorite workspace when they reach the office. Employees can do all that using a single software.

Using space management software as a complete workplace management software also helps you get a complete view of your office space and how employees utilize that space. At the same time, it creates an agile workplace where employees can perform at their best.

Give Control to Employees

Hybrid workplaces allow employees to choose between remote and on-site work for each working day. How about you extend this freedom to choosing workspaces, parking spots, and other amenities? Space management software can help establish a seamless hybrid workplace management process wherein employees and their experience take priority.

Use cloud-based space management software with tools like booking and resource scheduling. The benefit of such software is that employees can access them from their smartphones, no matter their location. It also reduces the need for managerial oversight because approving bookings and schedules is just a one-click job. 

The ability to choose workspaces at their convenience boosts employees' morale and gives a sense of autonomy, which directly reflects positively on their performance.

Boost Employee Productivity

A happy and satisfied workforce has higher productivity levels, and space management software helps create a work environment where employees feel comfortable. However, cluttered desks and crowded spaces make workers' productivity difficult.

Using the software, you can monitor the occupancy levels of each room and floor. You can limit access to certain spaces to prevent overcrowding. So, employees get a quiet workspace where they can focus on their work. 

With space management software, you can get in-depth space utilization insights. If certain spaces are underused, you can convert them into dedicated focus/silent spaces and give employees a productive environment to operate in.

Create Collaborative and Social Spaces

Younger employees prefer their workplaces to be a social space where they can maintain healthy communication with colleagues. They want nothing to do with packed spaces and closed rooms that hinder collaboration. Hence, the purpose of such a workplace is not to engage in water cooler chats but to promote collaboration. With space management software, you can let employees reserve desks next to team members for easy collaboration. 

Using space management software, you can track your office occupancy in real-time. You get a clear picture of how your employees utilize available desks and conference rooms. And then you can make changes according to your employees' needs. Perhaps an open floor plan, meeting rooms of varying sizes, or furniture to accommodate different workstyles, like height-adjustable desks or comfortable bean bags.   

Further, using the desk booking tool, you can implement rotational desk allotment. It will help you reduce your employee-to-desk ratio and help you save ample office space. You can transform that space into a cafeteria or social space for employees to break away from work. 

Create Safe Work Environment

Post-pandemic, most employees prefer safety at the workplace over other perks. Space management software can help you create a safe environment for your workforce. As you know, space management software comes with interactive floor plans, and you can use those to implement an automated sanitation workflow.

When an employee signs out of their desk/conference room, it becomes vacant, signaling the sanitation team to clean the space and prepare it for the next booking. Not only that, but you can also use space management software as an access management tool. Use smartphones/QR codes to grant access, sign a digital health declaration, and create a centralized record for contact tracing. 

Final Words

When the young generation of employees expect more than a cubicle at their workplace, space management solution is a life-saver for facility managers. You not only get a clear picture of your space utilization, but with booking and scheduling tools, you can create a productive and agile workplace. 

WorkInSync space management platform allows you reduce costs and make informed decisions  by managing space better. You can manage your real estate portfolio including desk and meeting rooms with this mobile app. 

Interested to learn more about WorkInSync and its space management system? Schedule a demo for more information.  

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